Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Israli Piracy

The following letter was sent to the premier of Canada June 1, 2010:

John Beeching & Elizabeth Beeching
May 31, 2010

Prime Minister Harper

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the act of piracy by Israel. Any ship in international waters has the right and duty to protect itself to the best of their ability. Indeed we disagree with those who suggest Israel should have waited 'till the ships were in Gaza waters. Israel should not have attacked them in any waters.

It is clear Israel is determined to ethnic cleanse both the West Bank and Gaza. They use all forms of deceit to delay any settlement and have done so for almost 60 years. Only Gaza can be said to have a duly elected government. It is clear Israel will never negotiate a peace settlement with Palestinians. They are determined that all of former Palestine shall be an Israeli State. Worse like some rogue states before them Israel eyes further expansion beyond the borders of former Palestine so far well hidden with the exception of the former part of Syria they presently occupy.

Israel made certain promises to gain United Nations admission. They have broken those promises too many times. It is time to re-label Israel correctly - it is an aggressor state and a racist state.

We urge you to withdraw Canada's Ambassador to the state of Israel forthwith. Also Canada should inform Israel that present negotiation on trade and other subjects are now in abatement until Israel withdraws its blockade of Gaza and begins discussions with representatives from West Bank and Gaza.

This latest aggression can correctly be stated as coming from a rogue state that threatens peace in the Middle East.

We reserve the right to CC.

John & Elizabeth Beeching

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